Poultry Farmers (Broilers) Welfare Federation – The Voice Of Farmers

By this website, We are willing to be the voice of poultry farmers & bring them together from across the country. We are here to raise voice against the exploitation in this exploitation in this sector and curate a bright future for ourselves. We would also like to encourage the youth to incline towards poultry and work for their holistic growth and provide support in the economic and industrial development of the agrarian India.

Our Motto :

  1. Conserve the existence of Independent Poultry Farmers (Broiler) extinct from exploitation in the Indian Poultry Industry (Broiler) & try for their upliftment & economic development.
  2. To unite the Poultry farmers across India and become their voice.
  3. Coordinating with the Central Government, State Governments and Administration to solve the problems and making new beneficiary policies in favour of poultry farmers and poultry industry.
  4. To help the Poultry Farmers to know the guidelines of poultry policies / schemes related to the poultry farming stated by the Central Government, State Governments and make them learn and understand to take full advantage of the same.
  5. Central Government, State Governments passed the orders in the welfare of poultry farmers and poultry industry but further implementation is a big issue/problem, and to emphasis on solving the issues and implementing the orders.
  6. To ensure that Healthy, nutritious, quality products (chicken) by poultry farmers should reach to the consumers at reasonable prices.
  7. Efforts to modify current FSSAI meat policies (Chicken meat) as per our infrastructure / geographical / climate condition for lubricating the running production and help increasing the production.
  8. To aware, guide and encourage the poultry farmers and businessmen to be legally engaged in business i.e. licenses, tax etc.
  9. Providing employment opportunities for rural and urban areas people, also making additional income sources for small holdings and free time agriculture farmers.
  10. Empowering women by increasing participation in poultry.
  11. Encourage the poultry farmers for best management practices, using modern technology for quality production at affordable/minimal costs. Conduct training, camps and technical seminars as per needs.
  12. To aware the poultry industry for environment friendly poultry business
  13. To provide assistance/insurance during accidents and natural disasters and in such circumstances to provide security to them.