Membership Form

Federation Membership and Divisions :

Across the India who associated with poultry in anyway such as Poultry Farmer (Broiler & Layer), Local Integrator, Manufacturer and Dealers / Sub dealers of Feed Chicks Medicine Vaccine Equipments, Consultant / Scientist, Media & Publications, Broilers Whole sellers and Retailers, Employee, Associations / Federation / Trust / Society / Institution whoever agree to follow the rules laid by the Federation and have faith in its objectives will be given membership status by the President. Membership will be given based on forms issued by management of Federation.

Life Time Membership:

(A) Firm/Company Member: Membership will open to all Firms / Companies / Associations / Federation / Trust / Society / Institutions / Organization associated with poultry in any way.

Fee: Rs. 11,000/- as one time contribution.

(B) Individual Member: Membership will be open to all categorised people on the name of individuals only.

Fee: Rs. 5,000/- as one time contribution.

Annual Membership:

(C) Annual Member: Membership will be open to all categorised can become annual member’s individuals or firms.

Fee: Rs. 500/- as annual contribution.

**Enrolment Fee: First and one time 200/- Rs. contribution for enrolment in Federation for all type membership and it will be extra payable.