Appeal (अपील )
December 11, 2018
*भारतीय पोल्ट्री उद्योग से अपील*
January 10, 2019

-: Appeal :-

Revolutionary efforts have been made for Academic, research and extension for poultry development in India since the Pre-Independence period in India. In 1927, on the recommendation of the Royal Commission - Agriculture, "Poultry Research Section" was established in IVRI Ijjatnagar (Bareilly-UP) in 1939. The "Poultry Pilot Project - Orissa" was launched in the 1st Five Year Plan (1951-56), which laid the foundation of modern commercial poultry farming in the country by transforming into the "All India Poultry Development Program" in the 2nd Five Year Plan (1956-61).

Under the Five Year Plan, ”Cobb Strain” was imported from America in 1974 for optimal broiler breed development, and in 1980 private sector was given the opportunity in poultry. Father of Indian Poultry and Padmashree Late Dr. B.V. RAO Sahib gave the base formula - "Chicks (seed) Sale Rate = 1/3 part of the Current Broiler (Crop) Market rate" to protect the interests of poultry farmers. Consequently, it empowered the poultry farmer and became the backbone by strengthening the industry, reconciliation in stakeholders; it has the highest growth rate (10-12%) in agriculture sectors. Poultry contributes over 1.0 lakh carores agricultural GDP annually, and generating employment for more than 50 lakh people for 365 days in rural, semi-urban and urban areas.

Giving prestige to Indian poultry industry, having 65-70% stake in broiler farming of poultry industry, the overwhelming desire of corporate to occupy the maximum share of the business, and the sale price of poultry products by Central Government and State Governments due to deficiency in policies/lack of control, for the past 3 years by continuous financial loot in Chicks/Hatching egg sales prices by the Cartel (Promoters of Breeds/GP Breeders/Breeders, Breeders Associations and Corporate of Contract Farming), the commercial broiler has been benefited by the Central Government for nurturing and promoting contract farming, having raw product nature of broiler and unorganized poultry farmers. Often by selling below the cost price of farmers, hammering them in the name of contract farming, befooling the government and policy makers, leaving the poultry farmers with poultry maps is a bonded labour, filling huge profits in their pockets and broiler farming is being pushed into limited hands.

In the near future, taking the Indian poultry industry into American poultry industry as Integrated Monopoly format could be the hidden motive of the Cartel leaders. The command of broiler farming in limited hands only when the contract growers are taken from the pulse, raw material suppliers and equipment, it would be possible to buy from the manufacturer and get a profitable share from stakeholders and chicken consumers. In a developed country like America, only four companies own 85% occupancy in the poultry and meat industry. Get more information from the given link.

To protect the poultry farmers in the business, the problems of farmers and business, to reach out to the Central Government, the State Governments for the resolution of the problems, to curate the poultry farmer beneficiary policies, the other objectives given, via the High and the Supreme Court, it is necessary to cooperate with poultry farmers and to organize the sector.
For other detailed information regarding the objectives, rules and poultry business of this Federation, visit the website or contact via e-mail on or at the given number. You can reach out to us for poultry farming and the industry related problems.

Therefore, all poultry farmers (broiler/layers), local integrators, businesses (Manufacturers and vendors – poultry feed, chicks, medicines, vaccine, farm equipment, etc.), Broiler wholesaler/retailer, employees, consultant/scientists, media/publications, Federations/Association/ Cooperates/Trusts/Societies/Institutions and Companies etc. are requested to join hands for the purpose of resolving the problems of broiler farmers and for their golden future.




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